A slice of Poetry: An Initiation

Surrounded by feathers and sage

Safely entrenched by my invisible cloak

I float through the days

Enveloped in velvety smoke

I try so hard to let go

But the memories have me bound

I’m haunted by your magnificent soul

Yet still enthralled by the sound

Of our beating hearts singing

Bellies protruding with laughter

Those days are long gone

Morphed into dreams I chase after  

Solitude has replaced you

Taken up the space in my bed

The side you slept on

Is now occupied by emptiness instead

Some nights are so lonely

Tears spilling over the brim

I lay crying epiphanies

Creating poems on a whim

Fueled by sweet sorrow

And grief for love that I lost

I know there will come a time

Where I’ll cherish these moments the most

This is my initiation

Into the unknown

This phase gives birth to so many lessons

For which I’m eager to learn

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